Best Excel Shortcuts Everybody Need to Know

Almost everyone uses Excel in some form or fashion in the modern workforce, but many of us may be wasting a little too much time trying to format those pesky spreadsheets. In order to help you work a little bit faster, or maybe more efficiently, we have assembled 40 of the best Excel shortcuts that you need to know!
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Once you have mastered VLOOKUP in Excel it’s time to move on to INDEX/MATCH. This formula combination is far superior to VLOOKUP.

The limitation of Vlookup is you can search only for the values on the right to your search word or number. also the result of Vlookup is very sensitive if you decided to insert (or delete) a column in your dataset because the column numbers are hardcoded. Index/Match formula combination seems to solve all the above limitations and offers far more flexibility and possibilities.
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How To Use Excel VLOOKUP Function: Beginner to Advanced in 26 Examples

The video below is simple and easy to grasp tutorial about Vlookup function, presented in Excelisfun youtube channel.

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